Interview advice for financial services marketers post-pandemic

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Interviewing for marketing roles

Interview advice for financial services marketers post-pandemic

Following the pandemic, marketing roles have increasingly become hybrid or remote. How do you create a robust interview process for remote marketing roles?
Interviewing for marketing roles
The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to businesses across the globe, and the marketing industry was no exception. As the world grappled with lockdowns, remote work, and shifting consumer behaviour, marketing teams had to swiftly adapt their strategies. As more marketing roles became hybrid or remote, one area that underwent significant transformation was the hiring process.

The changing landscape of marketing

Before we delve into why the interview process might have changed, it is worth reflecting on why the change has occurred. There is no doubt that the pandemic forced companies to rethink their marketing strategies, and for some, digital plans were forced into fruition. With in-person events and traditional advertising avenues compromised, digital marketing took centre stage. E-commerce experienced a boom as consumers turned to online shopping, and social media engagement reached new heights. As a result, marketing professionals had to pivot quickly to meet these evolving trends.

One of the most noticeable adaptations in the post-pandemic marketing world is the shift to remote work. Many organizations realised the feasibility and benefits of remote work arrangements, even in industries that were traditionally office-based. Companies have since been on their own journeys to find a hybrid working balance and consequently, virtual interviews have become the norm.

With that in mind, we have put together some ideas that might help improve your interview process.

Tech savvy assessments

With remote work in digital marketing ever more common, it is essential that you can assess candidates’ tech proficiency. These assessments can come in a variety of forms, but o na most basic level you should be questioning the candidates on their software knowledge and create a process which allows you to assess their proficiency.

Adding to this is video conferencing skills and etiquette. Ask your candidates which softwares they are used to working with and how they prefer to collaborate. This will give you a sense of their remote collaboration skills.

Behavioural questions

Remote working isn’t for everyone. Whilst some thrive, others despise it. Without doubt it demands a high level of self-discipline to work effectively without your team around you. Personality and psychometric tests are a good way to evaluate your candidates’ attitudes, as well as their time management skills, self-motivation, and adaptability to change.

Cultural fit assessment

With team dynamics evolving in remote setups, evaluating cultural fit becomes more challenging. That is why it is essential that employers meet candidates face to face at least once during the process. Don’t be afraid to include members of the team in the hiring process, and, if appropriate, invite potential employees to socialise with their wider team. It is vital that new hires understand the company culture, learn the boundaries and gel with their colleagues. Remote working can be isolating, therefore its essential that companies create a safety net around new joiners so that they feel supported.

The post-pandemic marketing landscape has revealed valuable lessons. Remote work and virtual interviews are here to stay, demanding adaptability and tech proficiency from both candidates and employers. As consumer behaviour continues to evolve, marketing professionals must remain agile and data-driven in their approach. The lessons learned from the pandemic have not only reshaped the marketing industry but have also redefined the skills and qualities sought after in marketing candidates. In this brave new world of marketing, the ability to navigate digital terrain, collaborate remotely, and stay attuned to consumer behaviour will be the keys to success. As hiring managers and marketing professionals continue to adapt, one thing is certain: the marketing industry will continue to evolve.

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