Executive Search vs Contingent Recruitment

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I’ve been recruiting for twenty years and at Fram we have lots of experience of both executive search and contingent models. The question isn’t really which is the best approach, but what is the most appropriate for the client. What are they trying to achieve? Of late, clients have favoured contingent recruitment for all but the most business critical, senior, … Read More

Overselling in the interview – why honesty is the best policy

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failed hires - overselling in interviews

In a competitive market, firms need to sell themselves to candidates during the interview process. Renumeration obviously matters to candidates, but so does culture, people, work environment and career progress, and, of course, the role itself. Speed is also often key to securing top talent, and there is perhaps internal pressure to fill the role fast as well. Between all … Read More

Recruitment process and brand building – two sides of the same coin

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Recruitment process - branding & marketing

The candidate experience begins long before you first speak to a candidate, and their impression of your firm can be crucial to brand building. Candidates are often key to your reputation in the market place, and creating a good process will help build your brand as an attractive employer. This is an aspect of the recruitment process which is often … Read More

There’s always a market for great candidates – so move quickly!

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The employment market in financial and professional services has been challenging for job seekers over the last few years, and so it’s often a surprise to employers when a candidate turns down their offer in favour of another firm. The irony is that some candidates are struggling to receive one job offer and yet others are receiving multiple offers. Firstly, … Read More