Fostering collaboration between client services, marketing, and distribution in Asset Management

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Fostering collaboration between client services, marketing, and distribution in Asset Management

September 25, 2023
In the competitive world of investment companies, success is about how well your teams work together to provide an exceptional client experience.
In the competitive world of investment companies, success isn't just about having a top-notch product or service; it's also about how well your teams work together to provide exceptional client experiences. The full client experience goes far beyond the first outreach, and is key to the survival of companies future, especially within Financial Services. We have put together some strategies on how to foster cross-team collaboration , ultimately enhancing the customer experience and driving overall business success.

Understanding the Landscape

Investment companies operate in a highly regulated and scrutinized industry. Clients demand not only returns on their investments but also trust, transparency, and personalized service. This places even greater importance on the need for seamless collaboration between various departments. We feel this starts first with Marketing. With so many tools, data inflows and testing capabilities, Marketers are able to get insight into audience behaviour and what they want. Don’t ignore this function, trust marketers to look at the data to see what your audience wants and test it out.

Part of this process is ensuring that Messaging & Objectives are aligned throughout the business. Marketing & PR should work closely together with other stakeholders to build a researched and authentic message that is targeted to the right client. Sales teams should be involved in this process to carry our message to market. Additionally, the Client Service function should be kept abreast of any changes in the status quo to effectively deal with clients.

Regular Cross-Departmental Meetings

Scheduled meetings between the different teams are crucial for sharing insights, discussing challenges, and aligning strategies. It is easy to get caught up in the nuances of the day to day, which brings teams further apart as they lose sight of a unified goal due to a ‘lack of time’. Collaboration between these three teams are the hub of growth for a business. Each member experiences everyday problems and ideas, which in turn can lead to solutions which can help businesses thrive… but only if they are shared with others and actioned. In investment companies, where market conditions can change rapidly, these meetings are particularly essential.

Team Bonding

Yes, everyone hates that awkward ‘lets go round in a circle and tell me something interesting about yourself’ question. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be prepared with the same fact you always use (and for anyone who cares, mine is ‘I auditioned for a role in Harry Potter’ – sadly fame wasn’t the universe’s intention for me).  Team bonding can be painfully awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. Doing activities as a team, outside of work parameters, can foster an excellent working culture which reduces conflict, fosters creativity, and dare I say it…a positive environment to work in. In so many cases, we speak to candidates where they feel isolated because of a widely corporate structure which doesn’t allow them to be seen or heard. In the teams where growth is the goal, this simply cannot be afforded to happen…

In the competitive world of investment, the synergy between Client Services, PR, Marketing, and Sales can be the key differentiator between success and mediocrity. By aligning messaging, holding regular cross-departmental meetings, collaborating on content creation, and sharing data and analytics, investment companies can enhance the customer experience and ultimately drive business success. Remember, in this industry, it's not just about the returns; it's about the relationships built and nurtured along the way.

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