Reframing the Summer Lull – How it can help your Sales & Marketing teams

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Reframing the Summer Lull – How it can help your Sales & Marketing teams

The annual summer pilgrimage, whilst frustrating for businesses, can present a unique opportunity to reset, refocus and reconnect.

I wanted to start off this article by describing a picturesque sunny British summer, but sadly that is very far from our reality. In fact, it is because of our shoddy summer that us Brits have been fleeing the UK in search of warmer climates leaving behind a noticeable shift in pace within business. It isn't all bad though, the annual summer pilgrimage, whilst frustrating for businesses, can present a unique opportunity to reset, refocus and reconnect.

The summer slowdown refers to the period during the warmer months when business activity tends to decelerate. Clients and team members might be on holiday, parents at home with children, and decision-makers are more difficult to reach. However, rather than viewing this as a setback, astute business owners see it as a chance to realign their strategies, recharge their teams, and emerge stronger as the pace quickens once again.

Time can be spent in the business and on the business. When you’re in the thick of the day to day, it is harder to take a wider perspective. As a business, or within your team, the summer months allow you to step away from the day to day and focus in on your strategies, methods, and environment. Take the opportunity to speak to your team and understand their frustrations with the business, but also in their day to day. What isn’t working for them and why? Is it something that is actionable, but causing huge delays? Or is there a environmental issue that is causing employees stress and ultimately affecting their performance?

Sales environments can be intense, built on relationships with others but the most important is the relationship they have internally (with their business, manager and team). It is important to check in during the quieter periods so you can power up for the busy period. This goes hand in hand with reflecting on progress and targets. The lull in business activity provides an ideal opportunity to take stock of the progress made during the year. A moment of introspection can uncover insights into what's working well and what needs improvement. If you’re a Manager, it also provides the opportunity to see who is performing well and who isn’t. Spend more time collaborating with those who aren’t performing strongly and ask them what they need. Organizing team building activities, workshops or training sessions that promote collaboration and skill development help foster a united and motivated team who will be better equipped to tackle challenges, and more importantly feel supported to do so.

It is also a critical time to stop and look at your marketing efforts and how they are performing in the market and against competitors. Some useful ideas could be to:

  1. Do a comprehensive review
  2. Generate fresh content
  3. Revamp digital presence
  4. Explore the value of new channels.
  5. Evaluate and revamp automation techniques.

In conclusion, rather than dreading the summer months – embrace them! When utilised in the right capacity, the summer months provide a brilliant opportunity to strengthen elements of your business that are overlooked when you’re in the thick of it. It's a chance to recalibrate strategies, foster team cohesion, and ignite creativity. With thoughtful planning and a positive mindset, entrepreneurs can leverage this period to emerge revitalized and prepared to conquer the challenges of the upcoming seasons.

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