Podcast – i-wellbeing chats to our MD Simon Roderick on the Future of Work

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Our MD Simon Roderick contributed to this podcast series by The Zone Magazine, chatting about the future of the world of work. Listen to the full podcast here.

“The discussion about the office and the people in it, and the considerations around redesigning our workspace in the Covid era continues with Simon Roderick, MD of boutique financial services recruitment agency, FRAM Search. Simon points out the office is by no means dead but it has changed as many more of us are operating the ‘hybrid’ model, combining work from home with, face to face and zoom calls. The world of work is “probably” changed for a long time, says Simon, but don’t dismiss the office, just yet.  Fram Search put communication high on their agenda, and in the launch issue of our magazine, we featured a survey carried about by the company. Since then they have published an update to their Future of the World of Work survey, showing that there is potentially a growing divide between management teams and employees’ perception of remote working.”

Link to full podcast.

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