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Fram Search in the media - 2023-24

Fram Search in the media 2023-24

January 29, 2024
Fram Search regularly contributes quotes and insights to articles and features online and in print. Here are some of our recent features

From no eye contact to sugary tea: what are hiring managers’ biggest interview ‘icks’?

People Management, 12th Jan 2024

MD Simon Roderick highlights respect for others as key to job hunting in 2024. "Tens of years of protocols were ripped up by the pandemic and we’re all of a sudden finding new rules of business etiquette apply, but really it’s just common sense.” Read more in the full article.

Financial Adviser 2B: Are starting salaries hindering career changes into advice?

MoneyMarketing, 17th Nov 2023

'Changing one’s career is becoming more common and data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows people tend to earn more money by doing this. With starting salaries at around £25,000–£30,000 a year, some career changers who are looking to move into financial advice may face a pay cut. How can aspiring advisers, and employers in the advice world, deal with this challenge?'

MD Simon Roderick gives his advice in this article.

Fund manager bonuses could fall up to 30% as market headwinds continue

Financial News, 16th Nov 2023

'Bonuses could be 'significantly' down for those working at fund houses hardest hit by markets this year'

MD Simon Roderick gives his thoughts in this article.

ESG hiring slows after ‘explosive’ war for talent

Financial News, 10th July 2023

'Greenwashing backlash and poor fund performance to blame'

Kelly Biggar, head of our Investments & Advice practice gives her thoughts in this article.

Does size really matter when you start out at a firm?

MoneyMarketing, Financial Advice Matters Magazine, June 2023

Kelly Biggar, head of our Investments & Advice practice, talks about the benefits of joining a smaller firm in this article. Read more here.

Term-time working: could the arrangements work for you?

People Management, 31st May 2023

'Following Amazon’s new contract for parents and carers, People Management consults experts to discuss the benefits, the legal implications and whether it could benefit every employer.'  Read MD Simon Roderick's contributions here.

One in seven UK workers set to job hop in the next six months, research shows

People Management, 16th May 2023

MD Simon Roderick contributed his thoughts on a study suggesting 'employees looking for better experience could gain this without switching roles, but many are moving for higher wages'. Read more here.

How to champion a soft skills recruitment process

People Management, 30th Jan 2023

'Simon Roderick, managing director of Fram Search, points out that Santander is one of the most high-profile firms to prioritise soft skills of late, and he expects “others will follow” as recruitment will inevitably deviate from the “well-known path” of only asking for graduate applicants.' Read more here.

Santander becomes first major bank in UK to hire graduates with a third class degree in diversity boost to find staff from a 'wide range of backgrounds'

Daiy Mail, 4th Jan 2023

Santander changed its requirements for graduates in Jan 23, sparking headlines. Read MD Simon Roderick's take in this Daily Mail article.

Flexible working bill: what do employers need to know?

People Management, 5th Dec 2022

The new flexible working bill caused much discussion when it came in, and MD Simon Roderick was interviewed in this article.

Why employee turnover is more contagious than ever

worklife, 30th Nov 2022

'In the hybrid-working era, job departures are more contagious than ever. “I was taught that teams ‘form, norm, perform, and storm,’ so one resignation can lead to many,” said Simon Roderick, managing director of Fram Search, a U.K.-based financial recruitment organization. “Firms, managers, and teams often lose their way, and sometimes whole change is the only way to gain stability again.” Read full article here.

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