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Fram Search - media contributions
Fram Search - media contributions

Fram in the news – summer 21

Fram Search
July 28, 2021
Fram Search regularly contributes quotes and insights to articles and features online and in print. Here are some of our recent features.

What does employee wellbeing look like in 2021?
Natural HR, 19th July 21

MD Simon Roderick was quoted in this feature on staff wellbeing:

“COVID has raised the bar on employee benefits. What was a rare benefit and a way to attract staff pre-pandemic is now the norm and office workers will benefit financially, emotionally, and in terms of productivity from hybrid working.”

Why it's time to get over your FOTO
Daily Mail, 14th July 21

The enforce remote working has arguably been hardest on young people. MD Simon Roderick gave his views in this article in the Daily Mail:

“Nobody has missed out on the positive experiences being around colleagues can provide more than young people. My best learning experiences have been watching those more experienced than me, and where do all the small questions go when we’re working at home?

Hybrid is the future, but making friends, learning, and building something with others is the essence of team and that means spending time together.”

The future of remote working & the job market
Techround, spring 21

Fram feature in two Techround articles earlier in the spring:

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