Fram in the news – autumn/winter 21

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Fram in the news - winter 21
Fram in the news - winter 21

Fram in the news – autumn/winter 21

Fram Search
December 13, 2021
Fram Search regularly contributes quotes and insights to articles and features online and in print. Here are some of our recent features.

Word for Word
HR Today, 13th Dec 21

MD Simon Roderick was quoted in this feature on of language in job descriptions & diversity.

“Five years ago no female candidate asked about board composition whereas now it’s rightly a very important question asked whenever they’re considering a role,” he says. “If you see a woman on the board, or if there’s someone like you on the board, you have a role model showing you that you can make it too. It’s about having that belief.”

MD Simon Roderick gave his views in this article:

“The old phrase ‘you only have one chance to make a first impression’ rings true in the current war for talent,” agrees Simon Roderick, managing director of financial services recruiter Fram Search.

“Interviewers need to get on the candidate’s agenda more. Will there be opportunities to train? Will there be interesting project work? Will there be flexible working? What’s the vision for the firm for the next five years?”

Recruiters also need to take a real interest in the individual, Roderick says. “Many of us have passions outside work and firms need to understand the candidate as a person, rather than just through the lens of someone with a particular skill set.”

MD Simon Roderick contributed his views in this article:

“It seems that every junior banker at the moment wants to move into PE or fund management. While this isn’t new, the desire seems stronger than ever,” says Simon Roderick, managing director of recruitment firm, Fram Search.

“The main reasons we hear are that investment banking can be transactional, whereas in fund management and PE you get to see things through, and banking can be repetitive after awhile. Covid has made us all more reflective, and bankers too are re-evaluating their careers.”

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