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The Vault - the Ned - review

We visit the Ned fairly often, and have reviewed it before. This month, however, Kelly also had the opportunity to visit the Vault, the members only bar, and so we though we’d give you her thoughts:

“I had the pleasure of visiting the Vault and roof gardens at the Ned recently. An old candidate of mine invited me for a coffee and a tour. I must admit the heated pool on the roof did look inviting, even on a cold winters day, however I can imagine in the summer it gets a little crowded. The “ vault “ itself, although small, was impressive, as they have the old deposit boxes still in the walls, and all the side rooms where you would have privately viewed your contents are now very cosy meeting rooms. It is a great idea and although it has been modernised, with a gym, indoor pool, hairdressers and sauna, you still get a sense of the history and grandeur of the building. Highly recommend a visit if you know are lucky enough to know a member.”

The Vault - the Ned - reviewThe Vault - the Ned - reviewThe Vault - the Ned - review


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