The dreaded presentation interview…….


Over the last year or so, we’ve seen more clients ask individuals interviewing for sales roles to conduct a presentation as part of their selection process. They are dreaded by many candidates, not because they aren’t comfortable presenting, but they involve a large amount of preparation and it can feel artificial pretending that the interviewer is a client.

Quite often, interviewees are presented with subject matter a week or so in advance, but not always, and quite often there is a spontaneous element to the interview. So, we wanted to pass on some advice around the basics of presentation interviews……

Rule #1 – Preparation, preparation, preparation

Ask as much as you can in advance about the expectations of the interviewer. Some firms are reluctant to give too much away, but there’s always more you can find out. Learn as much as you can about the company and their products, and check to see if the firm has published ay recent news

presentation interviewRule #2 Format

Follow the format(s) suggested to you by the interviewer and ensure that you have enough copies for everyone at the meeting if you are intending to provide a handout

Rule #3 Timing

If the client has requested a ten minute presentation, then they are asking for ten minutes and not an hour

Rule #4 Listen

Understandably interviewees want to impress in a meeting, but in interactive presentations clients will often be testing individuals’ listening skills

Rule #5 Pretend it’s real

Dress appropriately, greet the interviewer like you would a client, use professional language, and don’t say “I’m only doing it this was because it’s not real life”

Rule #6 Be prepared for questions

Place yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and think what would you ask you

Presentations are never easy, but the jobs on offer are often sought after roles with leading companies, and so the selection process is always going to be tough.

For more information on this, or any other interview related questions relating to Sales & Marketing recruitment, please contact Chloe Tillman on 01525 864 372.

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