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Notes from the park - monthly updates Candidates, Clients, Financial Services, Fram news Market update - February 21 Written by our MD, Simon Roderick. What a difference a month, or even a week makes. When I was thinking about writing our monthly newsletter last week the weather was awful and I’d spoken to so many people who were struggling Continue Reading PCD Club - David Bell - Simon Roderick - Fram Search Candidates, Clients, Financial Services, Fram news PCD Club interviews Fram's MD Simon Roderick David Bell at the PCD Club interviewed Fram's MD Simon Roderick for their Hot Seat series. Watch the full video here.

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i-wellbeing - The Zone - Fiona Bugler - Simon Roderick - Fram Search Candidates, Clients, Fram news, Various Podcast - i-wellbeing chats to our MD Simon Roderick on the Future of Work Our MD Simon Roderick contributed to this podcast series by The Zone Magazine, chatting about the future of the world of work. Listen to the full podcast here. "The discussion about the office and the people in it, and the considerations Continue Reading Christmas - Fram Search - 2020 Candidates, Clients, Fram news Merry Christmas 2020! What a year it's been! In between Zoom meetings, placing our first candidate without any physical meetings (6 months later, the candidate still hasn't met their new employer) and seeing very little of our own team, let alone our clients, Continue Reading Fram Search - in the news Candidates, Clients, Fram news Fram in the News Fram Search regularly contributes quotes and insights to articles and features online and in print. Here are some of our recent features. Progress: Remote hiring — the new norm? Metro, 18th Aug 2020 MD Simon Roderick was quoted in this feature on remote Continue Reading furlough - returning to work Candidates Top Tips for Returning to Work after Furlough POSTED SEPT 2020 The last few months have been disconcerting to say the least. The pandemic has caused a lot of confusion and uncertainty about employment, with people having to adjust to different working routines and some unfortunately losing their jobs Continue Reading tips for work life balance Candidates, Clients 8 tips for separating work and life when working remotely POSTED AUG 2020 Technology has made it harder to switch off from work, as everything is now at our fingertips at all times. This has been a great enabler (how could the current pandemic response have worked in a world of Continue Reading Racism - diversity - George Flloyd Candidates, Clients, Fram news A doubling down on our commitment against racism and discrimination Written by Simon Roderick, Managing Director We were appalled at the sense killing of George Flloyd. Of course it affected us most on a human level, but it also reminded us that in our professional lives that we all need to Continue Reading Fram Search - recruiting top talent Candidates, Clients, Financial Services, Various Traits of the "Super value adders" Written by Simon Roderick, Managing Director. I’ve been in recruitment for 20 years this year, and I must admit I never thought I’d be celebrating that milestone working from home due to a pandemic. Even in January, I would have thought Continue Reading starting a business in a recession Candidates, Clients, Fram news Starting a business in a recession Fram is a business that was born out of a recession, the financial crisis to be exact. Whether stupidly or bravely, I set the firm up in 2010 and around now was supposed to be our big 10 year celebration! Continue Reading Video interviews tips - corona Candidates, Clients A guide to video interviewing The corona crisis has resulted in hiring processes being moved online, and it is very possible this will become established practice even after this is over as well. It’s unlikely many offers will go through without a face to face Continue Reading Working from home tips - corona lock-down Candidates, Clients, Various Working from home tips – a corona lock-down special Not only are large numbers adjusting to an unexpected working from home setup, we are also having to do it with all our family members in the house and limited opportunities to go out. Here are some tips to making Continue Reading Corona virus - future predictions Candidates, Clients, Various Corona virus & the world of the future - 11 predictions Events have moved at alarming pace in the last few weeks, and there’s no telling where we’ll be in a couple of years’ time. However, the lockdown is likely to last long enough to permanently change habits - here are Continue Reading How to write a business plan for a future employer Candidates, Financial Services Interviewing - how to write a business plan for a future employer At some point in your career you will probably be asked to complete a business plan, as part of a recruitment process. Candidates are often surprised, or worried that their good ideas will be implemented without them being hired (this Continue Reading Four day work week - pros and cons Candidates, Clients, Financial Services The 4 day work week – a good idea? Though the widely circulated story of Finland’s proposed four day work week has turned out to be a myth, the concept is widely debated at the moment. Indeed, Labour included the policy in their most recent manifesto. A fair amount Continue Reading Market update - financial services - 2020 Candidates, Clients, Financial Services Market update - Financial Services Written by Simon Roderick, Managing Director 2019 was a busy year for us at Fram. It seems that political fatigue brings with it apathy and then action. Firms came to the point where they simply wanted to “get on with things”. Continue Reading Fram Search - LinkedIn hashtags - market talk Candidates, Clients, Financial Services How to follow us – launching our hashtags We’re very active on LinkedIn, as you may have noticed, and in order to make it easier to find the content that interests you, you can now follow us on the below hashtags. These will be used on both our Continue Reading Fram Search Candidates, Clients, Fram news Merry Christmas from Fram! Our Christmas decorations are up, the Christmas cards have been sent out, and we're looking forward to our Xmas party in a few weeks' time. We've had a very busy year, and despite the festive season, things haven't slowed down Continue Reading Flexible working - future office Candidates, Clients, Financial Services Millennials – the changing roles of motivation and work-life balance For most people of previous generations, the concept of work-life balance was closely linked to the hours worked. However, in a world where technology allows for permanent connectivity, the 9-5 workday is disappearing. The working environment is changing too, but Continue Reading Millennials - work life balance Candidates, Clients, Financial Services, Various The future of the office The ultimate balance between hard work, productivity and having a work-life balance is increasingly in focus at the moment. We have certainly started to notice a shift in how offices are now more configured for remote working with informal spaces Continue Reading Ban on salary history questions in interviews Candidates, Clients, Financial Services Should you reveal your salary in job interviews? Written by Beate Oera, Aug '19 Shhhh... don’t mention the S word! Since 2017, several US states have made it illegal for hiring managers to ask candidates for their salary details in job interviews in an effort to tackle pay inequalities. There Continue Reading How to prepare for a second interview Candidates How to prepare for a second interview There is a great deal of noise on LinkedIn on how to prepare for interviews at the moment. This is a well covered subject (please do read our interview guide for our advice), but the first interview is only the Continue Reading GDPR - a year on - recruitment Candidates, Clients, Financial Services, Fram news GDPR – a year on A year on from GDPR, it is clear that there is an increased understanding and awareness of how personal data is used and what our legal rights are. We looked forward to GDPR at the time, and whilst we have spent Continue Reading Success - failure - determination - persistence Candidates, Clients Success – how it’s all about failure Reading everything from broadsheets to gossip rags, you will find semi-constant focus on the importance of embracing, learning or coping with failure. However, they might be missing the point; when it comes to success, the key thing about failure is Continue Reading self employed financial adviser - financial planner Candidates Self-Employed Financial Adviser - is it right for you? UPDATED SEPT 2020 Well nobody can tell you what’s best for you, and everyone’s circumstances are different. That said, there is much to think about when you are considering a move into the world of being a self-employed adviser. We work Continue Reading The Peter Principle Candidates, Clients, Financial Services The Peter Principle examined We touched on the Peter Principle in one of our previous blog posts on sales managers, the idea that “In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence”. The principle outlines how an employee is promoted, Continue Reading Team management - how to cope with changes Candidates, Clients, Financial Services Management, timing, and staying at the top Written by Simon Roderick, our Managing Director Many years ago I went on a recruitment course, and I will never forget that the trainer talked about teams “storming, forming, norming, performing”. It was a variation of Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development, Continue Reading Negotiating pay rise - why it's a bad idea to interview or resign Candidates Why it’s a bad idea to interview or resign in order to get a pay rise The answer to this question ought to self-explanatory. After all, how can threatening to leave be a positive negotiating tactic? Despite this, it is reasonably common to begin interviewing in the hope that it might spur current employers to appreciate what Continue Reading Candidates, Legal Law in the Northern Home Counties There is no doubt that London is a fantastic place to work. The vast amount of companies, access to international clients, and a diverse workforce combined with the endless bars and restaurants mean that Continue Reading Millennials - graduates - entitled - mollycoddled - lazy Candidates, Clients, Various Are Millennials too entitled? Millennials often bear the brunt of hiring managers’ frustrations, and LinkedIn is full of posts and comments lambasting them as ‘mollycoddled’, ‘lazy’ and ‘entitled’. In January, Douglas Robb, the head of Gresham’s, an elite private school, got a great deal Continue Reading