Overselling in the interview – why honesty is the best policy

In a competitive market, firms need to sell themselves to candidates during the interview process. Renumeration obviously matters to candidates, but so does culture, people, work environment and career progress, and, of course, the role itself. Speed is also often key to securing top talent, and there is perhaps internal pressure to fill the role fast as well. Between all … Read More

The CEO challenge

Written by Simon Roderick & Mia Holder The lifespan of the largest companies is shortening, as is the tenure of the CEO’s. It’s hard to get there, and when you arrive it’s high profile, high stress, and a high risk environment. So we wanted to take a closer look into this world…. It’s hard to look into smaller and medium … Read More

Should you reveal your salary in job interviews?

Shhhh… don’t mention the S word! Since 2017, several US states have made it illegal for hiring managers to ask candidates for their salary details in job interviews in an effort to tackle pay inequalities. There has been a lot of chatter about this on LinkedIn, where US voices often speak passionately in favour of it. Over on this side … Read More

GDPR – a year on

A year on from GDPR, it is clear that there is an increased understanding and awareness of how personal data is used and what our legal rights are. We looked forward to GDPR at the time, and whilst we have spent time ensuring our policies are up to date and compliant, our working practices were largely in line with GDPR … Read More