Update on our Legal Practice

I’m delighted to update that we’ve had an exceptional response to the formal launch of our legal practice. We identified it as being a good market for Fram to enter, and one where we felt we could make a real impact, last year. So during 2017 we started to take steps to “soft launch” it during the autumn. It’s very … Read More

Lessons from Private Equity

Written by Simon Roderick, Managing Director I recently read a report from The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA), in association with PWC, that private equity backed IPOs are significantly outperforming floats not backed by private equity. It comes at a time when demand from investors for private equity funds is extremely high, and also at a time … Read More

Book recommendation – HBR’s 10 Must Reads: on Sales

Sales Managers this is a must read…… HBR’s 10 Must Reads: on Sales is a collection of short articles from leading management consultants and academics about the subject of sales. It challenges traditional sales funnels, discusses the sales machine, talks about how modern sales teams need to be judgement rather than simply compliance focused, and how critical thinkers willing to … Read More

Where we’ve been – Bond Street Kitchen, Fenwick

It seems a little strange to call a restaurant in a famous department store a hidden gem, but Bond Street Kitchen qualifies. Compared to the buzz and hype surrounding Selfridges and Harvey Nicholls, Fenwick is an oasis of shopping calm, and increasingly so the higher up you go. Bond Street Kitchen is on the second floor, and the perfect place … Read More

Gender pay gap – women & recruitment

With the recent gender pay gap reporting completed, it is fair to say that the finance and insurance industries did not cover themselves in glory. They join construction as the sectors with the largest pay gaps. However, with a number of initiatives on the go, there is hope that change is coming. Check out our articles series on women in … Read More

Book recommendation – Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick

Written by McKinsey Partners, this book goes into some detail into how to avoid “Hockey Stick” projections and discusses the key big moves firms need to make to get to the next level of performance. It also discusses how CEOs are more tolerant of managers not hitting targets than employee’s think, which if known, could create more long term value. … Read More