Meet the consultant – Mia Holder

Get to know our consultants! Next up is Mia. Read Kelly, Chloe and Emily‘s profiles. Who are you and what do you cover? My name is Mia and I work on the support desk here at Fram, covering a variety of administration and support positions. What types of clients do you work with? As the positions I cover can feed into any … Read More

Recruitment process and brand building – two sides of the same coin

The candidate experience begins long before you first speak to a candidate, and their impression of your firm can be crucial to brand building. Candidates are often key to your reputation in the market place, and creating a good process will help build your brand as an attractive employer. This is an aspect of the recruitment process which is often … Read More

Success – how it’s all about failure

Reading everything from broadsheets to gossip rags, you will find semi-constant focus on the importance of embracing, learning or coping with failure. However, they might be missing the point; when it comes to success, the key thing about failure is neither coping with it, nor learning from it. No, it is simply disregarding it, and carrying on anyway. It’s good … Read More

Meet the consultant – Emily Swain

Get to know our consultants! Fourth up is Emily, who works on our Sales & Marketing desk. Read Kelly, Chloe and Jack‘s profiles. Who are you and what do you cover? My name is Emily and I work on the Sales & Marketing desk. We focus on roles at all levels from graduate and support positions, right through to “heads of’ positions. What … Read More

Climate change & Financial services

As the Climate Change Conference in Katowice has ended, it would appear the world has taken a step closer to finding a solution, whilst still not doing quite enough. However, there’s no doubt climate change is increasingly on the agenda, and the financial services sector are making preparations for the changes ahead. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published a Discussion … Read More