Investment Professionals & Front Office

Fram has a long track of placing individuals and teams into Investment & Front Office roles. We understand the effect a high quality hire can have on the revenue generation of a firm. Wealth management was our original focus, but we now also work with private equity firms, asset managers, and investment banks. Headed by our most experienced Consultants, we utilise our strong networks and research to generate top talent in the market within a timely manner.

Our focus is on experienced hires through to the marzipan layer and we work across the UK and internationally.

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Roles covered:

Managing Director/Partner

Chief Investment Officer

Investment Manager

Fund Manager

Relationship Manager




Leveraged & Project Finance


Kelly Biggar

Head of Investments & Advice
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07803 210 355
01525 864 372

Simon Roderick

Managing Director
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01525 864 372

Gayle Waller

[email protected]
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