Our home at Wrest Park

Fram is based in the beautiful grounds of Wrest Park, Silsoe. Wrest Park is particularly famous for its formal landscape gardens, which is now the focus of a multi-million pound 20-year restoration project. The park boasts 90 acres of French, Dutch, Italian and English styles side by side, showcasing three centuries of garden design. We greatly enjoy our surrounding beauty, and are proud to be associated with Wrest Park.

About Wrest Park

Anyone who has ever wondered about the evolution of the English garden should visit Wrest Park. Taken on by English Heritage in 2006 and now the focus of a 20 year multi-million pound restoration programme, the gardens are a dramatic showcase of three centuries of landscape design. As you wander around its 90 acres you can see French, Dutch, Italian and English styles side by side which, despite the scale, gives visitors an historical insight into influences which might even be seen in their own more modest gardens.

Wrest Park is one of the few places in the world where visitors can see the evolution of landscape gardening over the last 300 years. In 2006 English Heritage opened it to visitors, having gained complete ownership of the site and then launched a 20 year master plan starting with the Revitalisation Project. This project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust and English Heritage, began in 2010 and is now well under way.

In 2011 new visitor facilities, new interpretation in the mansion and the restoration of the rose garden and the Italian garden were completed.  And in 2012, the French Parterre has been restored and a new sculpture gallery opened.

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