Typical interview questions – what are they?

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Questions to ask in interviews

As recruiters, we are often asked what are the most typical interview questions. If we’re honest, there isn’t that much variety to interview questions and many can be anticipated by someone who is preparing for an interview. Below we have listed some of the topics candidates should be prepared to discuss, and some guidance:

Why are you leaving your current firm?

Always provide good business related reasons for leaving a firm. Obviously don’t be negative about your employer, but it is fine to explain why it isn’t the right environment for you.

How does the company fit in with your long-term career plans?

Employers often have a long-term strategy in mind when hiring, and it is good to be aware of this when answering this question. Do make sure that the company does fit with your plans – there is no point going for interviews for roles that are clearly wrong for you.

Your current role.

Explain clearly where you fit into your current company and your role. Explain what objectives you are measured on and how have you have exceeded these expectations.

Challenges you have faced.

Explain what your greatest professional challenges have been and how you have coped with them. Give examples of problems you have faced and how you have solved them.

Quantifiable achievements.

These should centre on saving time, generating/saving money, or providing peace of mind. Talk in percentages as these are more objective, and can be applied across businesses.

Your strengths and weaknesses.

Expect questions on these, and prepare three key strengths and one weakness (this should be something you are aware of and explain how you have tried to improve upon it)

Lastly, adopt a positive tone throughout, and be confident in your answers.

Any questions?

It’s always good to ask something and it’s a great opportunity to find out a bit more about a firm

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