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British summer - all about the rain

The summer is traditionally a relaxed time for recruiters, with the holiday season slowing down the process, as clients and candidates head for the beach. This hasn’t been the case this year, however, as we are as busy as we’ve ever been – if anything, it seems the warm weather has brought on a flurry of activity!

The busy spell has given us an opportunity to appreciate the summer sights of London, as we’ve been out and about in the capital even more so than usual. So whilst we’re running around with little time to spare, we thought you might like to see some photos from our recent travels.

Chloe took this photo of the London-themed minigolf at Paternoster Square earlier in June:

Golf - Paternoster Square

Come July, Kelly found the square set up for the Tour de France.

Paternoster Square - Tour de France

The sports theme continued with Wimbledon. Jack and Simon would have loved to have had time to watch Murray, Federer et all at the screens at Canary Wharf and Madison:

Wimbledon - Canary Wharf Wimbledon - Madison

Beate got the opposite view of St. Paul’s at sunset:

St. Paul's - sunset

Meanwhile, Chloe spent time on South Bank, in and around the Shard. This photo is of ‘The Navigators’ in Hay’s Galleria:

Hay's Galleria - the Navigators The Shard

Chloe also discovered the sun in Regent Street, during one of the hot spells.

Sun in Regent Street

But, after all, what is British summer without rain? Beate and Simon discovered the Burberry Café on one such day:

Burberry Cafe Burberry Cafe

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