Lloyd’s of London alcohol ban – the end of the boozy lunch?

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Lloyd's of London alcohol ban

Has the recent reported drinking ban brought in by Lloyd’s of London signalled the starting gun on employers bring in blanket booze bans?


Certainly we’ve seen a drop in the amount of people who will drink during the day, and the City is a very different place than it was pre-crisis. It needed to be in many ways. Some salespeople historically did lots of their business in the pubs of the City, but this might spell the end of those days. Also, will these bans apply to company Christmas parties? It raises lots of questions.

We hope there’s still a place for people having a sensible drink or two together moving forwards, but perhaps it’s just another step towards a more “sober” world where the product speaks for itself and we communicate via email. If that’s better for the consumer than may be it’s positive.

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