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Carys - Kelly Biggar - Fram Search

Say hello to Fram's dogs! The best thing about the home office, is that our Chief Cuddle & Distraction Officers have finally been able to fully take up their duties. If you are on a Zoom call with us, chances are you will be able to say hello to one of them.

Here's who's who:

Chloe & Reggie

Reggie - Chloe Tillman - Fram Search
Reggie - Chloe Tillman

I’m Reggie the Cocker Spaniel, I absolutely love finding sticks on walks and being outside sniffing! My favourite thing to do is steal your socks and run away with them, but I will give you lots of cuddles to make up for it.

I also love squeaky play toys and I’m super friendly! I get a bit jealous when my mum is on the phone or on Zoom, so sometimes I try to say hello too!

Reggie lives with Chloe Tillman, who heads up our Sales & Marketing practice.

Emily, Rodney & Olive

Olive & Rodney - Emily Swain - Fram Search
Olive & Rodney - Emily Swain
Emily Swain, who heads up our Infrastructure practice, with Olive (left) and Rodney (right).

Rodney is 8 years old and is a Cavapoo, but not as curly as they usually are. His favourite things to do are sleep, eat, watch human’s eat and try and steal humans food. He enjoys walks for the first 5 minutes but then wants to go home and sleep, and always barks whenever I get a work call so that the attention is on him.

Olive is 6 years old and she is a rescue dog from a puppy breeding farm. She is quite a unique dog with a few issues, but she loves her older brother Rodney and going for really long walks. She didn’t have the best start in life, but has now been with us for 3 years (she is also not very photogenic).

Mia & Pippa

Pippa - Mia Holder - Fram Search
Pippa - Mia Holder

This is Pippa, she’s 12 years old but still very energetic and very loving! She’s a cross-breed and due to her being a rescue, all we know is that her mum was a Beagle (which explains her love of chasing rabbits). She loves a long walk and would run around in the countryside all day if she could!

Pippa is very cheeky and loves making beds in the strangest of places in the house, but we wouldn’t have her any other way.

Pippa lives with Mia Holder, who works on our FinTech practice.

Kelly & Carys

Carys - Kelly Biggar
Carys - Kelly Biggar - Fram Search
Kelly Biggar, who heads up our Wealth Management and Asset Finance practices, with Carys.

Carys is a 11yr old Jack Russell Terrier. However, there is nothing Terrier about her, she does not dig holes or chase squirrel (thank goodness) and she runs away from cats and birds. She is the perfect dog, she is never on the lead, she stops at roads and waits to be told she can cross.

As the one of the oldest doggies at Fram she needs her rest and actually falls asleep sitting up on many occasions. She loves cuddles, long walks and lots of food.

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